Fiat on and off ramp infrastructure for the next billion consumers

Launch faster, support global and local payment methods, and acquire more customers.

The RAMP Solution

Fiat on / offramp infrastructure to streamline your entire payment stack. Accelerate geographic and product expansion by enabling any payment method on any device.

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Key Benefits

Six Clovers RAMP enables seamless movement of assets between global fiat and blockchain networks.

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Faster time to market

Integrate new payment providers in hours not months

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Access To Global Payment Providers

Open new markets with one API integration

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Unified Payments Platform

Optimize your business with a holistic view of payment data across all geographies


Scale faster, remove the complexities and optimize payment flows.

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Smart Routing

Dynamically distributes transactions to the best performing provider thereby optimizing flow at the lowest cost.
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Global Payments

Open platform allows you to work with any payment provider, globally, to launch at your own pace.
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Create a better user experience at check-out through payment tokens and save on the cost of PCI compliance.
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Reporting & Analytics

Aggregate and process all data in one hub, allowing for valuable, real-time analytics.

How does RAMP work?

Start building at sixclovers.com
Enter your existing API keys and credentials
One integration to access all providers
Increase revenue with each transaction

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