The era of instant and borderless payments has arrived.

Deliver next generation payment experiences today.

The RAPID Solution

RAPID is a decentralized payments network enabling instant payments worldwide. The network combines full-stack payment capabilities with blockchain technology for optimal decentralization, performance, and security.

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Key Benefits

RAPID combines state of the art blockchain technology with time-tested payment capabilities to accelerate the speed of business and usher in the decentralized finance era.

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Real-time Payments

Give customers instant access to their deposited funds. It is a competitive advantage.

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Full-Stack Solution

Embed instant payment capability into you application - zero blockchain experience required.

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Support Digital Currency Natively

Every business has the infrastructure to support fiat. Improve existing payment services and capture new business by integrating our native digital currency infrastructure.

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Always On

Software moves your money - all day, everyday.


The RAPID decentralized payment network is a modern day infrastructure to send money both domestically and internationally. Our technology delivers money: instantly, securely, without borders.

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Fiat on-chain

The network leverages regulated stablecoins to transfer value.
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Instant Finality

Transaction and settlement time is now seconds apart - delivering one of the most elusive capabilities in financial services.
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Support for multi-digital currencies so your payment reaches all corners of the globe.
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Non Custodial

All transactions are between sender and receiver. There are no counterparties or human intervention.
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Transaction Transaparency

On-chain transaction data gives all participants access to a single source of truth.
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Payment Capabilities

Time-tested features for international and domestic payments are now available on the blockchain.
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Blockchain Native

Designed and built from the ground floor as a blockchain native infrastructure to maximize the benefits of blockchain technology
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Decentralized, Secure, and Resilient

Key capabilities inherent in our payment network and requirements for the 24x7 era of decentralized finance.

How does RAPID work?

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Integrate the Six Clovers API

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Obtain a reserve in USDC to transact on the RAPID network, and offer instant payments

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Seamless Transaction

Pay anyone across the globe instantly

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